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Yes, my coffee mug is my accessory, just like ladies carry around a handbag or a purse as an accessory. Seriously, was sniffing Smitty's armpit all that bad? I think Lauren said, "Chris, stop it!" at least once for every one that Philip downed. No, Jack and Heather, I don't care if it seems like it, I have not been here since before 2001! Lukey still thinks cuff links are like buttons that come off. Are my hands really that soft? Still haven't packed. I love Dave Shuey. I've not had a drop of coffee in over 24 hours. New York, too? Twenty bucks for that sushi buffet, Rev...I'm so there. I don't care what you say, Jess, my wrists do not feel like a girl's wrists, but they are rather smooth from their lack of hair. Just because I've not drunk a drop doesn't mean I've not smelled or read about it. It looks like the answer to getting involved in the other person's life is much simpler than we thought...much better, too. Those freakin' videos really aren't uploading properly, and it's bothering me in a really improper way. Uchida and Letoto...heck yes!

posted by Bolo | 11:09 PM
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