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That dry-processed Guatemala Oriente is less fruity at day three than it is at day five or six...which means I can't wait for Friday. Pictures would aid in a most amusing way, Huffman. Yes, I pity-tag...get over it. I think if I take Nathan home with me next year, Ryan may jealously feel the need to have me disciplined before the rest of the congregation. I really dig the things I can do proverbially, especially when they result in my amusement at the expense of my friends...proverbially-speaking, of course. Not that you don't know it already, but I hate snow. G. Love, baby, G. Love. I consider it very high praise when Mon calls and tells me it's really, really good. What, we have attic space? I think it's somewhat strange that when I spilled that Guatemala on my copy of Kidner's Hosea commentary, I was more concerned with the spilled brew than I was with the state of the commentary. It's quite disconcerting to me that a Vaughn girl didn't know that #1 'Bama plays #2 Florida in the SEC Championship Game this Saturday. Two at a table, 'Drew, two at a table. I think this month will be absolutely stuffed with stuff to do. Okay, not disconcerting, just amusing. Cheap ribs are an awesome thing. I hate snow. Seriously, weather in the 20's is not cool. While I do feel sorry for Ivy, I also think there are few friends of mine that could sound more dramatic about their sickness than he. For the record, I'm really missing chasing plastic. Snow is gross. I suppose going potty by yourself when you're two and a half is way cuter than when you're twenty-nine. I'm an Effect...heck yes! Note to self: When Ben Brainard, who builds heavy stuff with wood for a living, says he and his wife are moving and need help, stretch. Tony Bennett is awesome and legendary. Thanks to Leah, I had a nice moment reminiscing the time my finger was infected and I just cut off the top, scooped out the layer of green slime, squeezed out the puss, and poured hydrogen peroxide into it. Did I mention I despise snow?

posted by Bolo | 7:36 AM
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