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Bourbon balls are my friends...but just like real life, I can only have so many of them. Sorry, Hermoso...I'll bring you coffee! ARC time, Charlie, ARC time. You're right, MJB, I do indeed do those sorts of things to your impressions of my wardrobe...because I can...and I enjoy it. Dude, the Keymaster was totally creepy! My pastor is amazing, and not just 'cause he packs my theological pipe. Eric, seriously, one guess? Chillin' in the Chemic house and listening to the latest song...almost legendary. Kitchen table very soon, 'Drew...we're long overdue, brother. Words that are imprecise yet effective are a guilty pleasure of mine...more on the guilty, less on the pleasure. Thanks to the Redheaded Stepchild, that 40% got an extra 20%. Tomorrow, LD and I will chill like it's 2008. Sasquatch stole my food. White Brown & Gray, I'm thinkin' about pancakes...yes, those pancakes. T-Squared; Toto; MoBap;'ll feel like 2003 in Levering Gym on Monday night! The Ethiopian thingy should be pretty awesome, as will the latte art dealio. Fridays in December do not make for a calm work environment in the office. Having Eric declare me one of the people they would want to survive the End of the World is high praise...even though I don't know who else comprises the "we" of that declaration.

posted by Bolo | 5:30 PM
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