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Jesus' Work

"If your failure has taught you that Jesus won't work with you, you have not failed enough! Because your failure is not meant to teach you that Jesus can't do much with you, it's meant to teach you that you can't do anything with you! Your failure isn't meant to lower the bar of your expectations for your Christian discipleship, it's meant to destroy them apart from the power of Jesus Christ. It's a beautiful thing to be brought to nothing, because then you're at a place when you really say, 'Apart from You I can do nothing.'"

-Ryan Fullerton

Jesus will work with me and He won't give up on me. He's gentle, holding me when I feel broken and feeling the guilt of knowing I've sinned and continued to sin in the same horrible ways. He's insistent, whispering tenderly when I scream at myself and want to believe the lie that Jesus is sick and tired of me. He's forgiving, having already forgiven me when I don't want to forgive myself for what I do to Him. He's faithful, knowing full-well I'm horrifically afraid of forsaking Him utterly, yet faithfully reminding me that He is faithful when I am not...and often, I am not. He is humble, living to serve ceaselessly and cleanse me from my sin, even when I try to hide the shame of my filth from the warm light of His glorious grace. He is gracious, not letting me for a second believe that I can possibly begin to earn my way into the shameless, glorious joy of His love. He undoes me, revealing to me and others the sins that I cling to, illuminating them in the sanctifying light of His cross. No, Jesus will not give up working in me; in a very real and wondrous sense, He's already finished the work for me.

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