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Glory Tied Up

I feel as though there are so many thoughts running through my mind, thoughts far too fleeting and far-off to actually grab hold of and examine at length. The funny thing is that these thoughts concern things that are the most concrete and important things...ever.

A little backing up is necessary, I suppose.

On Tuesday, as I was sitting at Gate C6, waiting to board my 6 PM flight out of SDF, listening to Sara tell me it was already 6 PM and realizing I had just gotten a text telling me my flight was delayed for half an hour, I pondered one big thought: God has wrapped up and tied together His glory, His eternal, infinite, perfect glory, with the lives of sinners. In a sense, He has put His glory on the line by taking that which is eternal, infinite and perfect, and wrapped it up together with that which is eternally hopeless, infinitely horrible, and offensive in its sinful imperfections, and brought the two irreconcilable things together in Christ.

Still with me?

Said differently, this is what God has done: He's taken His glory and made it so that His glory is displayed in the lives of sinners made saints. But He doesn't stop there, for He has chosen to make His glory seen primarily in this work. And still, He doesn't stop there, for He has chosen for His Son to dwell in bodily form for eternity, a bodily form that shamelessly shows forth the glorious proof of His redemptive work for all eternity. Christ came as a Man, died as a Man, and now lives as a Man. This is glorious!

And yet, I have a hard time understanding this. I suppose the practical side of such truths is kind of like the dark side of the moon: I know it's there, but that doesn't mean I can see it, and even if I could, it still seems far off and remote.

posted by Bolo | 1:04 PM
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