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When Stephen explains to someone concerning my absence, "He was out of the country last week," I can't help but want to give him a little bit of a history lesson. I should have left some coffee for Koen, too. Kings of Leon, eh? Losing to Navy once is more than enough, but two years in a about too close for job security! Heated apartments are overrated, or so I keep telling myself. That was just last week, wasn't it? Does this mean we'll have a V-Neck Blend? For a guy lacking a ton of sleep and who hadn't volleyed anything since April, I think I did pretty well. Oh, that Guatemala Oriente Dry-Process...I dig, I dig! Four weeks ago, life was so <i>incredibly</i> different. Thanks again, Kiddo...stellar sustenance, indeed. I didn't even think about surfing; how peculiar. Twice each at Boots & Kimo's and Young's is pretty good, I say. Mmmm...Alicia's Market definitely broke da mout. So what if I drooled a wee bit on the flight from O'Hare? I want to see Heaven, really really badly...but not nearly enough. So what if I leaned in too close to my roaster while roasting and burned my's just 'cause I get really excited, so lay off me, okay? Maybe a bit more than just a wee bit of drool...hey, it happens! O'Neal, I just decided you owe me an ice cream cone.

posted by Bolo | 6:11 PM
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