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Quotes: SWFWDA

In case you don't quite get her drift, the Single White Female Who Desires Anonymity is still...single. Feel free to apply in the Speakage section, guys ;)

"Are you trying to find dates I'll have a chance with, or just the ones that would produce great disaster stories? Because I'm pretty sure one category is a whole lot bigger."

"Who thinks that a person's computer only has to be charged every three days?!? I'm technological Teflon and even I know better."

"I should probably be less picky at this point, but I don't want to hang my future husband's prison GED certificate next to my MA."

"I had to try to get some of the Country Music Award show out of her hair."

"Only you would think a dog needed a pre-op bachelor party."

"I was at a baby shower Saturday...the guest of honor is my little sister's age...she is barely 25... married a couple of years, very pregnant...out of the other ten guests, all but two were married...five were pregnant...two were having their second babies...only one person in the whole room was older than me...I am so over the hill."

posted by Bolo | 9:49 PM
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