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Quotes: SWFWDA

Yes, the Single White Female Who Desires Anonymity strikes again. This'll see.

"That just begs for idle crushes...they're practically required...and thanks to you and your reminder about the best Diet Coke commercial ever, I now have a new one."

"Yeah...I don't think you're supposed to look for 'awesome people' in the mental health facility."

"FYI, I should not be allowed to call the Apple Store without supervision. Evidently, not knowing what the technical term would be for something when you need to ask whether it's in stock is something of a hindrance. Apparently, they expect you to know what sort of computer you have. I forgot. I had to tell the guy I had the 12-inch silver one. Then, he asked if that meant that I needed a 65-watt which I replied, 'Well, maybe. Is that the little square white box with a cylindrical outlet thingie?' Much to his credit, he kept the snickering to a minimum. He did, however, point out that it might increase my odds of getting what I needed if I actually used the phrase '65-watt adapter' when I got to the store..."

"If I got help, you'd have to find a new SWFWDA...sort of like replacing Lassie, or Dear Abby."

"You should be glad I don't have a blog, because that was quite the quote you just handed me, sir."

"I was actually asked whether I was involved in some infamous date-misunderstanding yesterday....and I think it involves one of your friends. Do you know someone who asked a girl out and received the response, 'You mean, you and me?' I did not know of this person or this incident...but I was asked about it because I was told that it sounded like something I might have said to a guy."

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