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Quotes: SWFWDA

Yes, she really says these things, and no, I don't prompt her to say what she says. Fortunately, the Single White Female Who Desires Anonymity has one of the most witty -- if broken -- filters known to single females everywhere.

"I'm a recovering introvert at best. I'm not really a very good extrovert. I just have to play one at work."

"I mean, I own a sewing machine that I know how to use (but never do), I know how to process black and white film and make my own prints, but I don't have access to a lab, so I don't...I like to cook, but my dog isn't allowed people food, and I tried to learn to knit, but the cursing disturbed the neighbors. I'm just not good at commitment. My hobbies are never lasting relationships."

"I'm more the romantic train wreck type."

"I'm almost as afraid of engagement rings and weddings as you are of surprise birthday parties."

"You know what I would say if a server went down? I would say, 'Oops...I think I broke the computer,' because that is my all-purpose reaction to non-responsive electronics, and it usually is accurate. Of course, our tech guy looks just exactly like Jude Law meets Ken (of Ken & Barbie), so I don't mind. My office loves it when I break things...they get new scenery. My case manager can barely compose herself when this guy asks her printer questions; it's wildly amusing. The phrase, 'Can you come use my computer for awhile? And by "use" I mean "break." It's been awhile since there were any men in here...' was used the other day."

posted by Bolo | 12:07 AM
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