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Apparently, all one needs to do to increase one's daily blog hits by roughly four-hundred percent is to write about relationships instead of Jesus and sin. Oh my, there's dried fruit, dark chocolate, and a touch of rustic, dry-processed quaintness, almost like I'm sitting on a dusty back porch on a lazy summer afternoon, munching on some dried apricots and a bar of Green & Black's. Yes, Athens. Yes, I was talking about coffee with the fruit and chocolate on the porch, you silly people. I'm still waiting for the Kesselring Trendsetter to yell out, "Flame on!" So, uh, I found out that that collapsible bowl with soup in Ben's backpack is definitely collapsible. Moon: after a week, I just got the "really cool apotamus" line. Farmer may want to kill me, but we both know she said we shared a moment...hah! Guess who got informally invited to be a guest roaster at his favorite coffee house in Louisville, roasting right smack dab in the shop on their 10K STA Impianti? Irish Wolfhounds...I really really really need Irish Or penguins. I think the body on that will develop better with a couple more days of rest, and not just less than twelve hours. Maybe we can get his infant son to yell out, "Flame on!" instead. Thanks again, Chabbs! If for no other reason, I've gotta be lame just for the fact that I can't tell the visual difference between the Sidamo and Harar I roasted last night. Austin Powers this, Mikami: "He is thoughtful, and everything he says is so well said. He speaks and it is as if a writer or poet is speaking to us, sentence fragments and all. He could totally destroy your life and you would love him for doing it -- not that he goes around destroying lives or anything." I do hate winter, I do. Shoot, I miss 'em.

posted by Bolo | 9:35 AM
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