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Pondering and Wondering

Is there any greater beauty, any greater glory than God's? Furthermore, can there be any greater wonder to ponder than God's own beauty and glory being displayed in the remade lives of sinners made into saints? No, there cannot be, for it is impossible to even ponder in wonder -- and truly so -- unless one has been made new, as the soul hates God if it has not come to love the truth that the light of God reveals. Thus, it is the sinner pondering his sainthood in Christ, thinking upon God's grace, His glorious grace, who ponders the highest joy, the truest praise, the greatest glory!

Cars rolled by, lattes and cappuccinos were sipped out of warm, worn porcelain mugs, and the sun snuck higher into the sky while those few sentences were scrawled out in my journal this morning. I share them here for one basic reason: I want to ponder anew such truths, and desperately so.

The highest joy? I ache for those.

The truest praise? I am made for nothing more, nothing less.

The greatest glory? Oh, to see Christ formed in the hearts of His beloved!

And yet, 'tis not enough merely to ponder such truths; nay, I want to wonder at them once again, afresh, anew.

posted by Bolo | 11:40 PM
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