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Sushi at Maido last night? Da buggah was 'ono! No self-respecting heterosexual male, under any circumstances, is to use the word "fun" when speaking of an outfit's attributes. I saw my pastor give one of our fellow IBC members a wedgie. That couch was heavy...I think my hernias have hernias. Unfortunately, the sushi was also pricey. Happy birthday, Frances! We all figured ND would lose at least a couple this season, even with the most optimistic predictions, so the loss this past weekend is perfectly acceptable in the big scheme of things. Szrama's response to the query, "How does your wife put up with you?" is both amusing and apt: "She goes to bed early." James, aggressive narcissist that he is, may not ever assert that he's the greatest person on the face of the earth, but he unashamedly will point out that no one else is anywhere near as qualified for that exalted position as he. Ooohhhh, Idido Misty Valley, Esmeralda Gesha, and both the wet-process and dry-process Koraties could be in the cup lineup within the month...what a coffee day! Mikami's still on his way...the 'Ville will never be the same.

posted by Bolo | 12:54 PM
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