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Thoughts: Mr. Mikami

If you ask either one of us why we're friends, it wouldn't be strange to hear one of us say at some point, "Hmmm...I dunno, actually...I guess cuz we is, das why." Some people speak pidgin, but he speaks multiple pidgin dialects. Kev once told me he would be homeless if he could but his family won't let him...true story. The man once made one of the most astute ethnic observations ever recorded: while at the wedding of two Asian friends who both hail from the West Coast but met and married in Hawai'i, he said something to the effect of, "This has to be the most Asians I've ever seen in one place. And you know what? The only way to tell whether they're local or a twinkie is to listen to them talk, 'cause they're all dressed the same." Mikami is one of only three guys I personally know that make three-quarter length cropper pants look cool. His blank looks mean he's either pondering something profound or thinking absolutely nothing. He'll be here on Saturday; the 'Ville will never be the same.

posted by Bolo | 7:58 PM
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