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Fantastic Four?

LUFA's Fall League features yours truly as co-captain of one of the teams. After two weeks of play, we're 0 - 2. Yes, no wins and two losses. Not a good record, you say? Well, on paper, sure, but I'm quite happy with our team's play despite some pretty tough odds the first two weeks out there.

Week one saw us very shorthanded with only one sub for the guys and none for the girls. We still played a tough game with lots of hustle, even tying it up late before losing by two. Despite the loss, I was very much encouraged by the enthusiasm and talent I foresaw for us after just one week of play.

Week two was a much different scenario. We pretty much doubled our turnout, but as our more experienced players realized in the aftermath of another loss, our greater numbers meant that we had to deal with an influx of raw, inexperienced players. While this led to less fluidity on offense and some confusion on defense, that just means we'll have a few key areas to work on as the weeks go by, a few key areas that are easily addressed and improved with more practice and game experience.

I hope.

posted by Bolo | 11:29 PM
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