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Turning Trimethylxanthine Tasty

The Five Dubyas: Coffee junkies. A coffee roasting at home workshop. The sixth of September at 10 in the morning. My place. As for why...why, read on.

Here's the lowdown: I've had a handful of people over the past year ask me what the deal is with roasting coffee at home. Over the course of that year, I've learned a lot about coffee in general that has been incredibly helpful and insightful. In fact, I really do feel as though I'm much more knowledgeable now than when I first started, but along with that confidence comes the assurance that there's much more that I don't know and probably will not ever know. Thus, I've decided to take you on that same journey, but in miniature. At the end of this, I'm hoping that you'll all feel as though you're far less of a coffee aficionado than you thought you were, wanting to be even more of a coffee junkie than ever before, yet realizing that you can explore the wonders of the coffee globe for the rest of your life and still see but a tiny portion of it.

We'll focus on roasting coffee at home: the technicalities of roasting, chemically and economically; what roasting involves as a sensory experience, from the roaster to the mug; and the joys of roasting...the journey, if you will.

Please bear in mind that this is not meant to teach you how to be a barista (of which I'm pretty stinkin' ignorant), nor is it going to teach you how to be a commercial/professional coffee roaster. Go talk to Matt and Brian for that...I'm just a junkie teaching other junkies how to get their fix ;)

Note: This was sent out as an invite on Facebook. If you didn't get one, it's not because I don't necessarily want you there, but just didn't get one. That's life. Feel free to come, just let me know. Dig? Cool.

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