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Thoughts: Those Revellers

Time spent with the Revell brothers usually consists of several elements, not all of which must be present, but most of which usually are: good food; coffee; a smoke; ice cream. Seriously, when did Mr. R turn into John Revell? Yes, yes, we know you need it in your mug...just go and get it. Hah...they were holding hands! I suppose we're not quite yet at two years, are we? Supposedly I don't have any tattoos, have never met Debbie Revell, don't surf, and am 22. I'll ask you later...maybe. That Americano wasn't bad, was it? I ate those plate of pork chops and potatoes and had the plate of wings on the side, but dang...I've kinda got the munchies. I still wish I had been there for that public roasting...singlehood noted, I'm sure. That image of Young Revell huddled over his Scrabble tiles is suddenly stuck in my head. A smoke with the Sage sounds like a deliciously good time. Speaking of deliciously good times, Maryland comes to mind.

posted by Bolo | 12:56 AM
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