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Life's Happenings

Sam Lee once told me that the people he'd known in college, the ones that were friends he considered near and dear to him, were people, given ten or fifteen years, that suddenly weren't so close anymore. Some people graduate, some get married, some get jobs, and others simply stop keeping in touch. In short, life happens.

Sometimes, when people leave, it hurts. A lot. Others, not so much. Sometimes, you think someone is just going to be white noise in the soundtrack of life. Sometimes, that someone becomes an old favorite you keep going back to, even if you don't know why.

That Butterworth guy used to be the little brother I'd pick on, but only just enough to let him know that I kind of liked having him around. For some reason, despite my myriad and unfathomably diverse shortcomings, he still wanted to be my friend.

I think I lucked out.

When we hung out today, I found myself missing his company. Yeah, I know, it's ironic that that happens while with someone, but for those that have seen friends come and go, you know exactly what I mean. So tonight, after going our separate ways, I came back and read about his little moment in the spotlight, that moment I idiotically missed. Somewhere along the way, he stopped being just another face in the crowd. Somewhere along the way, I realized that Pablo had become one of those people that I really hope will defy Sam's logic. Sure, life will happen, but I'd much rather be there with him when it does.

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