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Two-plus hours of ultimate in roughly ninety degree weather equals one stinky John Letoto. Moving is a pain in the rear, especially when moving involves my wardrobe. Of the four different green coffees I just got in this week, this blurb from the description of one of them gets me the most excited: "What we have is an extraordinary, bright coffee, with soaring floral and citrus high notes. From the dry grounds through the aromatics as the coffee brews, from the tasting to the finish, this coffee has a constantly ascending pitch. There are jasmine and honeysuckle floral aromatics, vivid citrus notes of lime and kumquat in the cup, dashes of cardamom and nutmeg spice, and a remarkable clarity and resolution of these flavors in the aftertaste." The following things have been placed by Mr. Hedrick and Mr. Letoto onto and/or into the other individual's respective cups and mugs this week: soap, chicken nugget sauce, paper, salt, and who knows what else. Since the LUFA Summer League doesn't officially have team colors, we usually go whites vs. darks...which means that when we're dark, I get to go Nature Boy. Moon, I don't like the fact that you're moving five hours away. There, I said it.

posted by Bolo | 9:43 PM
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