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Those things I wear are called three-quarter pants. Supposedly, I make a pretty mean fruit basket. I'm a somewhat obsessive blogger, but I often forget to call my mother. Perfect strangers have been known to give me their food. I sometimes roast coffee just to practice roasting, not necessarily because I need the beans. My palms and the bottoms of my feet get sweaty just thinking about heights. People whose impressions of me are formed strictly by what they've seen me wear need to see my car and/or my room. I sometimes practice speaking elvish in my room. The last time I "had hair" was in the seventh grade. I threaten my nieces and nephews by telling them I'm going to lick their eyeballs. Speaking of the seventh grade, I didn't really like I didn't go. I have a soft spot for ice cream...I call it Mouth. I know, I know, I'm late again. An obsession with my tan is perfectly acceptable, but it's when others become obsessed with it that I become worried. Two years of Japanese in high school, and all I really remember is hearing Uyehara Sensei yelling, "Letoto! You are so rude!" I used to be afraid of going into the water.

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