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Feeling Truth

Allow me to be honest: my life, circumstantially, is easy. My iPod sits on my desk, awaiting the latest update of sermons I'll be able to listen to at work while I check inventory and setup shipments. Just a few feet away, a Sumatra origin coffee bean whirs and cracks and roasts, becoming what I'm almost certain will be a complex and compelling roast, complete with hints of lemon, maple syrup, brown sugar, and maybe cloves. Even as I type this, I'm uploading pictures from the IBC Men's Retreat that took place at Red River Gorge, a well-known locale spoken of with fondness and yearning by outdoor junkies throughout the state and beyond.

Unfortunately, life's truest joys and deepest sorrows aren't about mere circumstances.

Ryan once said in a sermon that the sun can be shining, the birds can be singing, and all around us is glorious and delightful, but if Jesus isn't beautiful in our eyes, then nothing is beautiful, nothing is enjoyable.

My, how my soul feels the truth of that.

I think the root of the issue is both how I view God and how He views me. In a sense, I think of God as righteous and holy; that, I have no problem believing. The problem is that I still want to earn His affection. I know this to be true because I judge whether or not I'm having a good day by how I'm doing, not by what Christ has already done.

My, how my soul needs to feel the truth of that. Praise the LORD that life's truest joys and sorrows aren't about mere circumstances.

posted by Bolo | 1:06 AM
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