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Is Strawberry Chip ice cream just like Mint Chocolate Chip? Like, you know, is the strawberry just a vehicle for the chocolate? Rob Smythe may be in India, but he's in my room singing to me right now. In just a couple of days, Uch and Mrs. Uch will be here...heck yeah. As great as my frisbee joneses may be kicking in at the moment, I'm sure Saturday will take care of it. I'm amazed at how much God's Word stays in the heart and mind; I'm also at how little of it I apply compared to how much I've supposedly learned. How's the closet space in the upper left room? In all seriousness, I now have people stopping in their tracks to take pictures of me in my car as they walk on the street. Ok, maybe they're really taking pictures of my car...still, I'm in the picture, darnit. It's pretty hilarious and empowering when Petey, the guy who once turned his nose up at my coffee offerings at work, asks me, "Coffee? Please? Don't make me beg." I have a sneaky feeling I just missed a birthday again. Doh.

posted by Bolo | 10:58 PM
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