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Motherly Meanderings

Scott is fond of saying that he only has one friend like John Letoto...and that he only can have one friend like John Letoto. I think my mom is qualified to say much the same thing: she has just one son like her son John...and she only can have one son like her son John. Need examples? Read on...

There was that one time I forgot my mom's birthday. Well, not completely. At the time, I was working in Pali Safeway's produce department, and I was scheduled to work until 10 that night. Shortly after 9, I realized that I was less than three hours away from complete and utter failure as a son with a mother's birthday to remember. What's a forgetful buffoon to do, you ask? I built her one of the biggest and most expensive fruit baskets ever to leave that produce department.

I still have that card Mom sent me. "Miss you, love you, still waiting for you to call!!!" She included her home and cell numbers, just in case I forgot.

I vaguely remember once cutting Mom's hair. I figured that since she was on the phone, she would appreciate it if I maximized her time so she wouldn't have to worry about getting it done later. Very thoughtful of me, right? Well, maybe not. I mean, I don't think I was much older than five or so.

Still, those examples aren't really all that unique. I mean, any dufus would get a card like that from his mom, right?


Moving on.

I suppose I'm like most sons that are proud of their mothers: thorougly convinced that she, more than any other woman on the planet, was uniquely equipped to put up with that little viper in a diaper that she gave birth to (my brother), then was blessed to have such a sweet, intelligent gift from God (that would be me).

Just kidding.

The point of all of this is to let you, my adoring public, know that I truly do adore my mother. Written proof of my regard for her can be found here. And yes, I called her already.

Now if I can just remember when her birthday is, I'll be fine...

posted by Bolo | 11:20 PM
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