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Thoughts: Homeage

Lylie totally ran that red, but he had a good reason to be distracted. Even the rain managed to bid us a "good riddance!" Flights home are always long, no matter how short they are...but they're never short. Just a few moments in Hawai'i, and already Ricky proclaims his primary objective. "Which one is Uncle John?" First meal: Alicia's wasabi masago poke, which Ricky and Moon ate up. "Are you saying I'm a beautiful monkey?" What are azuki beans? Lyle? If you're gonna go, at least you go with a view, right, Boss? Boots & Kimo's verdict: even better than expected. Like Makana says, "Uncle Ricky fall in the water!" What did Moon Pie learn? In Hawai'i, you'll get a party in your mouth, cultural lessons on the TV screen, and a new card game you'll have to pay attention to all at once. Is it just me, or did we all lose count of how many times Alton started a sentence with, "Oh, but if you're from the Mainland..." Really, none of us minded the fact that a Beggin' Strip was eaten by a non-canine creature. Lava can be a little hot, don't you think? I think it's safe to say that that school up on the hill has a decent view, among other things. Young's was an overwhelming choice for a do-over. Melton's tan is like a full-body connect-the-dots henna tattoo...except for the red parts. "Just keep going, guys." Hiking in nearly total darkness isn't as bad as I thought it would be. "I don't remember a creek bed." What exactly can he kiss, Ricky? Yes, it's like this every day...gorgeous. Kev, you would make the coolest homeless guy I know. Since Malia's two boys bear more than a passing resemblance to each other, I asked Garrett, "Isn't it illegal to have the same kid twice?" So much for the sunrise. Cindy who? How can you not be moved by the Arizona Memorial? Lunch with Alton = amazing. Yes, I played middle blocker. No, I'm not joking. C'mon, Moon, we thought God is in Control was one of your favorites! Journey songs were not meant to be sung in rounds; Journey songs should not be sung in rounds, especially on accident. When in doubt, get both the loco-moco and the blueberry crepes, right, Gary? Paddling out at Kewalo's with Boss was strangely lonely without 'Drew. Twenty-two humans ranging in age from 77 years to 4 months old do not make for the greatest of picture-taking circumstances, but I think we did just fine. An even application of sunscreen is key, Lyle! See Steak Sauce? Check! Yes, Mr. Mikami, it's just hypothetical. I think. Yup, we counted at least twenty people lined up just before midnight at Miki's. Hey, I worked in the medical field once upon a time, really I did! Nothing made that tour sound so good as that sound coming from the "entertainment". Hawaiian food = 'ono! The reminder about the need for unity in the body was a reminder I needed...and still need. Gina's does not disappoint! Seriously, I was grabbing the sticker, Boss! Karen took out her whole family; I knew she had it in her. Dang, that house on Haku Street was packed. Talk about old faces: Ganigans, Kwongs, Saigusas...made me feel 20 again. Well, almost. Leaving stinks. So, I probably left half a suitcase behind...oops. Like I've said before, HNL is the best and worst place in the world, but Sunday night, it was the worst. Good thing we were just two gates down! The whining started in SFO, but cold blasts in ORD weren't helping us, either. Pat way! Seriously, three for three, it had to be us. Yeah, we're back...sort of.

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