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Thoughts: Home

Leaving the eight nieces and nephews will really suck on Sunday night. Dinner with Boss and Mikami is always a treat, but even more so in Zippy's. Supposedly, the LOST filming locations are spots I grew up doing stuff at...hah. Kayla's taking pictures of Zayney while I type this entry. It feels a little sad being home without 'Drew here, but like he said, there'll be other times. "What are azuki beans?" Why is it that I keep thinking Kayla is Malia? Kawika and I have claimed that Dave has to be part billy-goat, but now I'm supposedly part monkey. Coffee tastes better from freshly-roasted beans ground freshly and brewed in a French Press, but it tastes even better when it's brewed in a French Press from beans ground freshly from a fresh roast and sipped on a glorious morning in Hawai'i...home. Kev's right: he should be a little envious. Moon and I agree that Rev ought to be here. I still have to paddle out into the lineup at Kewalo's, no matter how manini da waves. Sticking to the clearly-marked trail is always the right call. Looking forward to breakfast, Mr. Lau. The handle, my friends, has been found, and all is right in the world.

posted by Bolo | 7:28 AM
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