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Dinner With Worley

I still think back to that night Justin Worley and I had dinner in O'Charley's. It was on a Monday night, 'cause Monday Night Football was on, and they had a little contest about guessing the score. I remember we got relatively close, but we didn't win.

More than the restaurant, more than the food, and definitely more than the game, I remember that conversation with Worley. We sat there, a couple of guys with not a whole lot in common other than our Lord, and we shared what we wanted out of life. I remember telling Worley that I wanted, more than anything, to be remembered as a guy in whom people saw Jesus. My voice lowered, my eyebrows furrowed, and my lips kind of pursed together as I shared my thoughts, my heart. I told him that I hated being remembered for reputation, and even more, I hated trying to live up to that reputation. But what, if nothing else, did I want?

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until I die: it's in the friends whom I esteem the most that I see Jesus the most, and that seeing comes in such a way as to make me long to see Him more and to be like Him. That was what I tried to get across to Worley that night. In a sense, that's what I'm still trying to get across to myself.

posted by Bolo | 11:30 PM
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