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So often I approach this day in precisely the manner I don't want to: negligent, irreverent, unfocused, and selfish. I feel the battle of indwelling sins, sins that beset and beat down with guilt, sins that simply don't go away.

And that's before I even walk out the door.

Sadly enough, that can also sound like every other day in this, my Christian life. Do I realize that God deserves better than this? Absolutely. Do I realize that anything less than perfect obedience lived out in the life of a man is death? I do. Do I realize that there's no way I could ever live in such perfect, sinless obedience, and that this failure renders me, the one who sins, worthy of punishment, never beholding the glory of God in joy and intimacy? I do.

And yet, I go this morning not only to worship the LORD with full rights of one who has lived in such perfection, I do so unashamedly. Have I sinned? Yes. Do I still sin? Yes. I, however, have One who has lived perfectly on my behalf, who was punished for my sins, who has borne the wrath of God in my stead, who was forsaken by God as I will never be, who has risen from death and lives now, pleading for me before the throne of God, and who freely did and does so that He might spend eternity with me, one who tends to forget and fails Him still.

What a day.

posted by Bolo | 8:41 AM
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