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Charlie's awesome, and not only because she's gonna get me some ice cream. I really let it all out on the bench press today, didn't I, Mr. O'Neal? I'd give a lot just to hear the sound of my brother's laugh right about now...even if our lives have a little distance between them. Dee Ar: an absolutely astounding piece, sir, astounding! "She wants your body..." Seems like just yesterday that I was caught in-between ten and twenty. I don't care if she thinks I'm a terrible liar, because quite frankly, I had her eating out of my hand. Week one of the LUFA Spring League is in the books, and from what I remember, it went like this: Weather 1, Humans 0. "She's single." The ides of March, indeed. I still don't understand the love of God, but that's no reason to stop being loved, is it? If anything, it's incentive to keep on being loved. My legs hurt, my eyelids feel heavy, and my is well. If it's word association we're talking about, "Taryn Walker" and "hairy chest" just go together. Her last name was seriously Vittitow? Everything did happen on schedule today...the rain...the cold...but I don't think I spilled a drink on my shirt. "You mean, you and me?" He does, Pablo, he does...I know he does. Yeah, it really is amazing how what appears in front of the lens is often a direct result of what's happening behind the lens. I'm only a man, and I don't even have red sheets. Audra's freakin' crazy. I love my local church, I do...but I wish I loved it more.

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