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Thoughts: IBC

Perhaps the only one not scarred today by the mental image of a shirtless Ryan Szrama walking the streets of the Shelby Park neighborhood was...well...Ryan Szrama. Is Andy McClurg's swoop switch an external sign of salvation? So what if Juan has a slight problem remembering that we meet in care groups, not small groups, nor community groups? Just so long as he doesn't start referring to Sunday morning services as Immanuel Gathered, I think we can forgive him. The fact that Nathan will be back to lead us on the 13th of April makes me wish I'd be leaving home a couple of days early. Get it straight, Stephanie Keith: Luke Fullerton is not wearing a man purse! We discovered last summer that we have a punk-rock pastor, but who knew that we also have a rocket star pastor? Speaking of the 13th of April, would it be considered irreverent to intentionally catch a young Miss Fullerton on video once more, especially if Nathan leads the congregation in Lion of Judah? I think that it's appropriate to feel torn between the desire to be at home and the desire to be with my congregation here.

posted by Bolo | 10:53 PM
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