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Aspect of Aloneness

A few of you responded very positively to that post I wrote a couple nights ago. There's a scary aspect to writing something like that, an aspect that I wasn't necessarily prepared to deal with. Before I go into all of that, let me first say something that I've said before: what I do here, I do primarily for me. I don't mean that in a selfish way; it's just that I don't keep this blog as a means to please people so much as a place to store bits and pieces of my life. It just so happens that any and all are free to share in these bits and pieces, come what may.

The irony in storing memories from a life lived here on earth is that in order to truly appreciate the beautiful, you've got to take long, hard looks at the ugly. When I say that, what I'm really pointing out is my own tendency to forget what I need to remember: that I'm a weak, imperfect, and hopelessly flawed individual who has a Savior whose power was perfected in weakness, whose perfection is now mine, and whose hope overcomes all of my flaws. But like I said, I tend to forget that.

I store here on my blog all sorts of things -- thoughts, feelings, and images, some my own, many of others I run across -- all with the hope that I would not forget what I need to remember. If I become repetitive, it's because I repeatedly forget. When I've become lost and forgotten my way, I've sometimes returned here to find the crumbs that lead me back to where I went astray.

What's the point of all this introspection, you ask? Wasn't there a point? Ah yes, my point: I'm not alone. Believe me, that's hard for a guy like me to swallow. I like being alone, I really do. It makes it easier to hide my faults, to highlight the notion that I'm not needy, or to work on being perfect rather than needing forgiveness. But that's exactly what Jesus works to undo, isn't it? He takes a bunch of sinners and knits their hearts together in such a way that they find themselves sharing not only in the inherent ugliness of the sinful soul, but the infinite glory of the merciful Savior.

posted by Bolo | 11:59 PM
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