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A little over a few weeks ago, I roasted up a Mexican coffee that was, by all accounts, delicious. There was chocolate, there was blueberry, there was a body that was full and vivacious, and to top it off, a touch of aromatic spice that positively danced across the senses. In short, it made our eyes pop open while we exclaimed, "Wow! That's amazing!"

Well, it was some number of Saturdays ago when Kane, Aaron and I cupped it in Sunergos. One Saturday afternoon later, while standing around behind the counter with Kane and Aaron yet again, I found the bag of that Mexican that I'd left there all week. It was an accident, but an undeniably serendipitous one at that. The chocolate was still there, along with the blueberry, the body so full and vivacious, and the aromatic spice, too. But what hadn't been there was a smooth, buttery character that showed maturity, a simplicity amidst complexity, and an ability to be outstanding without even trying. In short, it made our eyes pop open while we exclaimed, "Wow! That's even more amazing!"

As I pondered my new infatuation, I realized that it was not unlike other ridiculous attractions. How so? I figured that the Mexican was very much akin to the proverbial Girl Next Door. Say she moves in one day. From the moment you see her, you understand that beauty has come down to earth and taken form in flesh and bone. Hair and makeup done just so, she moves with a grace that sets the heart atwitter. Words come to mind, but they seem far too droopy and worn, not at all worthy of the Beauty Personified you have just sworn undying devotion to. She, of course, is even less aware of your existence than the dirt on the bottom of her shoes, but this is of small consequence, a mere momentary inconvenience.

Hush. This is my analogy, and my blog; I'll do with it as I please. May we go on now?

As I was saying, she does not know you exist. A week goes by and you do not see her, but most assuredly not for lack of trying. In and out she flits from your thoughts, a pleasant distraction from the reality of Life. When she quite unexpectedly passes by one day, greeting you with a smile, you note what she is lacking: makeup perfectly applied, hair coiffed with the utmost care. In fact, she seems utterly without any attempt at beautification. And yet, you tell yourself with helpless glee, "Wow! She's even more amazing!"

Ah! The lengths to which I'll go to proclaim my love...

...for coffee :)

posted by Bolo | 10:38 PM
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