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Seriously, Shawn, you're leaving? That Mexican is sitting there, staring at me...I think it'll be tasty. I feel like David Mead's How Much ought to mean more to me, but I'm just not much. Yes, yes, yes, I know I look like the dude on LOST...haven't you guys ever seen a slanty-eyed guy with a little bit of color in his skin? Lisa sent me a scrapbook of the little rugrats 'cause she figured I would carry it around and show it to people...she was right, I do. I'm not a rebel, Popples, I'm just what I've always been. We need clear Ubercart stickers...Lylie! When someone calls you a jerk with a grin on their face, it's generally a really good thing. Doublevee, Moon Pie, and Fizzgig will soon know what it's like to be woken up by the little rugrats. Getting back into the gym after months of being out of it is a pleasurable pain...emphasis on pain. 'Drew is alive! Timtams? What timtams? For the record, I love hymns. Katie, the act of watching implies that you take action to prevent him from rolling off the bed, not merely watch him roll off the bed. I think the log is up to four, probably five. This crack in my hand reminds me of that infection I had that I opened up with Im's scissors and disinfected with peroxide...after popping out that layer of green slime, of course. My room phone has been sitting there, off the hook, for close to a week now. Well, correction, it's been sitting there, off the hook, and close to a week ago I noticed that it was off the hook. Spring League! Which ones to print...hmmm. Michael Butterworth, you have much in common with Ryan Fullerton in that you'll both be getting your wish soon. Well, maybe. I may not be as cool or as smart or as handsome, but goshdarnit, I know that I've been to more than a Point of Grace concert in my lifetime. Amazing that 'Drew blogged without tech support. That Sidamo was delicious. Yes, Kavin, Uncle Johnny is going to sit on your head and lick your eyeball. Not at the same time, of course. Need to roast.

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