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I Used To

I used to think in Pidgin. I used to read on the bus. I used to tuck my jeans into my socks, wrap a shirt around my head, and pretend I was a ninja. I used to hate coffee. I used to sleep in Mrs. Taniguchi's chemistry class. I used to spike my hair. Yes, I used to have hair. I used to be afraid of the ocean. I used to hate shirts with collars. I used to have a tan through the entire year. I used to read in the rain...ok, still do. I used to be Stick Boy. I used to live on Skyline Drive, where glorious sunsets were a foregone conclusion, not a possibility. I used to call the surf report (808-596-SURF) every day, several times a day. I used to want JAMS really, really badly. I used to wish I could be away from my siblings, then I wished that I could be around them 'cause I missed them, but now I wish that I could be around them 'cause they miss me. I used to know the people who were recorded on the surf report. I used to really, really, really be afraid of, it's the living that I fear. I used to let my mom take me shopping. I used to plan my weekends around UH baseball games. I used to get sent to the back of the food line in Mr. Saiki's class, just like at home. I used to think life couldn't get better than surfing until sunset and dinner at Gina's...still kind of do, actually...kind of.

posted by Bolo | 6:22 PM
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