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Homesick Headline

I had one of those homesick moments again today. I sat in Sunergos, sipping on a freshly-pressed cup of Costa Rican Peaberry, and while Aaron pulled some shots for a few customers, I grabbed a travel magazine perched on a nearby table. One word on the cover caught my eye: Hula.

Usually, hula is one of those things that is largely misunderstood. The way the masses perceive hula is a microcosm of the way culture in Hawai'i is perceived, both ancient and modern. Surprisingly enough, the haole author seemed to understand that, and this helped to break down my prejudices toward what he wrote.

Manu Boyd, Robert Cazimero, Edith Kanaka'ole, and King David Kalākaua, the Merrie Monarch himself, were mentioned in just as disarmingly and respectfully a manner as one might find in Honolulu magazine. Sure, he pluralized words by incorrectly adding an "s", but that was the only complaint I could find through the tears I tried to fight off.

I can't help it. He started out by talking about witnessesing a hālau practice in Mānoa Valley, continued by explaining his recently-acquired lesson on the suppression of the Hawaiian language and culture, told of his rare and special experience watching the Merrie Monarch Festival, and concluded by telling about Manu Boyd's hālau filling his pockets with pikake.

The smell of pikake alone right now could make me sad for a week. But you know what? I think that haole guy would understand.

posted by Bolo | 10:47 PM
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