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I had a cup of Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña...and I enjoyed it. Talk about palate expansion. Petey said my interactions with Stephen remind him of the interactions Donkey has with Shrek. I won't bother to say who Petey thought was Donkey and who was Shrek. Used Zassenhaus mill? Maybe. It's one thing to understand the love of God for sinners; it's another thing to believe in it in a general applicatory sense; still another to believe in it and apply and allow it to be applied to one's own sinful heart. My niece is now on Facebook, and is the first person to speak truly in refering to me as "uncle" on there...she's also the first person I know of on Facebook whose diaper I once changed. Speaking of things I once did, I seriously do remember seeing that ad for Chuck Norris Action Jeans when the ad first came out. I may have gotten to the point where my desire to roast coffee has actually exceeded my desire to drink the result of the roasting...believe me, that's still a strong desire. Napping for two or three hours after work is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. *Sigh* may be time for a rebuild/reformat on this box...Saturday project, I'm guessing.

posted by Bolo | 11:13 PM
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