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Peter and I decided that if we made a show about our office, kind of like The Office, people would actually watch it. Why? Because you read my blog already, and I have no doubt that you could easily be suckered into laughing at our silly antics. The weather outside is getting kind of frightful, but it's still unseasonably warm. Latest sign of my coffee infatuation: I've been recruited to show someone else how to roast coffee (even though he doesn't know it yet...details to follow later), yet I don't feel in the least bit used. I really want to be home right now...but for once, it's not for me. The weather was amazing yesterday, so much so that I compared it to the cute girl the single guy meets, hits it off with and spends several hours conversing with chemistry and depth, only to find out that she's already got a boyfriend...because just like the amazing girl, the amazing weather is only going to go away, leaving the guy out in the cold yet again. I find it humorous that 60% of my most recent wall posts on Facebook say something to the effect of, "Hey, I need to hang out with you soon, you jerk." These days, I'm sorely tempted to tell the Kenyans that I meet that I think their country produces some amazing coffee. Ditto for the Ethiopians.

posted by Bolo | 5:19 PM
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