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The following, while somewhat edited, came from a chat that happened a little earlier today:

Me: "I'm still waiting for him to hit the growth spurt that finally rids him of all his awkwardness. I'm not so certain that it'll actually happen, though."
Katie: "Yeah, I think he just is awkwardness...he's almost 16. Doesn't that terrify you?"
Me: "Not nearly as much as it does you, in all likelihood...but yes, it is terrifying in some respects."
Katie: Yes, that's what i figured.
: "I mean, he was once that cute little thing in the white tights...he could suddenly go from the bumbling, drooling, always-awkward jumble of limbs into some tall, fair-skinned, muscular stud. Of course, if that statement doesn't make you laugh out loud, I don't know what will."
Katie: "I did...I laughed/am laughing out loud."
Me: "I figured it might. Just think: when you're a senior, and he comes to visit, your friends may go, 'Who Is That?!?!'"
Katie: "Oh, thats just my stud of a brother."
Me: "Hahahahaha! The annual Christmas Cards will become collectors' items, but for different reasons. Instead of gross old guys vying for 'em, young ladies of UU will be asking you for the extras."
: "Oh, I can see it now."
Me: "Can you imagine how beet red he'd be if we were having this conversation in front of him?"
Katie: "Yes he would, he so would."
Me: "I could blog this...then he'd read it and see."
Katie: "Wouldn't that just be sweet. (I love you Christopher.)"

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