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Thoughts: Godward

Would I rather be a spiritual cripple found near the cross of Christ, or would I rather be a spiritual stud, dignity intact but far from Jesus? There's nothing "cute" about the birth of Jesus; precious, yes; wonderful, yes; earthy, yes; approachable, yes; awful, yes; glorious, yes; but not cute. When Christ tells us that we are one, just as He and the Father are one, He means it. There's a reason God uses marriage as a picture of Christ and the church: Christ never leaves His bride in the one flesh relationship...He never meant for one to be torn in two...there's no such thing as a clean break. It's a sad thing to be sitting, enjoying a meal with friends, but sick with a cold and unable to taste the wonderful food; it's a tragic thing to act as though the sickness were not there, and seeing friends eat and enjoy, bitterly buy into the deception that you're enjoying everything as they are...when you're not. Fighting for godly joy is the fight of a lifetime.

posted by Bolo | 11:08 AM
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