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Caffeinated Contemplations

It's nearly 4:00 or so here. In the morning. I woke up nearly two hours ago and decided to roast. Wet hay, baking bread, and hints of sweet berry intermingled and wafted through my room for over an hour; eight roasts later, I'm still contemplating ambient temperature, first and second cracks, visible oils, swelling, and my inane lack of consistency. Impatience sets in, too, as I really don't want to wait to taste those beans from Sidamo, but I know that I'll pour over my notes after I pass the grounds through the press filter and sit down to sip that eagerly-awaited cup. I have no idea how many hands those beans have passed through to get to me, to produce that glorious cup that will hopefully greet my senses of taste and smell with winey hints and bittersweet overtones, but like many things in life, I'm probably not nearly as appreciative of those that have gone before. I am, writing about coffee roasting on a dark and cold December morning, and I can't help but see spiritual analogies throughout my contemplation. Silly me.

I guess there's good reason for contemplation these days...*sigh*.

posted by Bolo | 3:55 AM
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