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Ok ok ok, I know that you, faithful reader, would probably more than content if you never heard another word about coffee ever again. If you don't care for coffee and its various forms of preparation, you've probably become bored with my conviction-filled diatribes concerning the caffeinated concoctions. If you loathe it, well, your eyes have likely glazed over on several occasions in recent months. Furthermore, as a result of my ongoing public passion, you more than likely have vowed to heartily support Starbucks, force others to pour into their coffee prodigious amounts of cream and sugar, and always cheer against Notre Dame. Well, maybe not that one.


With all of this firmly in mind, I give to my other readers out there, those who do appreciate coffee, or, at the very least, those who can appreciate or find humor in my love for it, a rather informative link. Several things are of note: first, Arno is wearing a Sweet Maria's shirt; second, he gives a pretty Sweet plug right there at the end; and third, he gives a very fair assessment of Starbucks.

posted by Bolo | 10:47 AM
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