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I'm hungry. It's past midnight, and I'm hungry. Lisa turns 40 in just a week, and I'm sure she doesn't necessarily appreciate the fact that I'm announcing it to the world on my blog. In true John Letoto fashion, I still have, sitting on my desk uncashed, a check someone wrote out to me at some point during the summer. New fragrance soon, I'm thinking. The world of SEO is curiously small but a refreshing sort of way. Yes, pun intended. If you got it, that is. Why does November have to be so stinkin' cold? I'm not sure which I'd rather have more of: daylight in the mornings, or daylight in the evenings. Either way, Daylight Savings Time still throws me for a loop. If we played every week the way we played tonight, we'd be a solid team in the Tuesday night league. Makana is a silly little girl, especially when it comes to screaming her head off when Uncle Johnny walks into the room. No good reason for such outlandish behavior, methinks. Is it just me, or does Spring seem a long way off? I feel as though I won't purposefully pick up a frisbee for a long while, for some reason. Oh yeah...Winter. If it sounds like I'm complaining about the cold, just remember the mantra for the ethnically minor brown person stuck in cold weather: "Winter allows one to experience more of one's wardrobe."

posted by Bolo | 12:35 AM
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