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Resolve Dissolved

I recently made a resolve. This resolve, at its core, is bound to fail sooner or later; knowing myself, probably sooner. I've seen how weak I am, and how prone I am toward wandering mentally, and therefore, spiritually, and these observations have made me desire a means by which I might combat this. This, simply put, has resulted in a resolve to journal meditations on God's Word much more than I have ever done heretofore. Understand, however, that this resolve is by no means a good thing in and of itself. Indeed, unless it is done humbly, and by grace, reading and thinking about God's Word can quickly become an act of sinful pride, leading bearing fruit that is not at all sweet to the soul. Why do it, then? Well, because it can be done in humility, and it can be done by grace.

God tells us to seek Him, to know Him. This seeking would be in vain unless He revealed Himself to us; knowing Him would only lead to despair and death unless He Himself provided the means by which He might spare us. It is my hope, by seeking to know Him more intimately in His Word, that my mind would be renewed, and I would transformed.

I said that this resolve is bound to fail, and it is. It is bound to fail in the manner in which it fleshes it self out, that is, in my journaling. I've put down several pages' worth of observations and thoughts on Scripture in the past week, which for my minuscule handwriting is a lot of journaling. Nevertheless, that's not the point. My diligent journaling is not the end, merely the means. If I am seeking God that I might know Him, it would be foolish of me to get so caught up in the means that I never reach the end, namely, Him. Therefore, my resolve to journal is one I gladly declare a failure from the outset. The command to seek Him and to know Him, however, is one I'll press on in, for it is one that He promises will bear fruit.

posted by Bolo | 9:06 AM
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