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For some time now, I've been befuddled by Koen's looks. Koen Kekaulakuha'oamekanawai Kazumasa Ing, for those of you not in the know, is one of my five nephews. His older brothers, Kyle, Kason and Kavin, all have a certain look to them, but it seems that Koen's went pretty far out of the recognizable range for male children of the Ing household. He's a little darker, and generally seems to pull a little less of the Asian influences and a little more of the...well...something. I mean, the kid's got more ethnic variety than the Ala Moana food court, so it's anybody's guess, right?

Leave it to Mom to provide a little bit of insight. She told me a few days ago that he looks like Dad. I thought Mom was right on the money with that one, so my befuddlement was ended. Whew! Take a look, and I think you'll agree that Koen looks like his Papa.

So, having the resemblance all nicely figured out, I decided to share my findings with Mary. Now, being that she's Koen's mommy, not to mention my sister, I would regard her as somewhat of an expert on the whole topic of Koen's appearance. It was to my great dismay, therefore, as I was in the process of telling her Mom's insightful observation, that Mary cut in with one of her own: "Koen looks like you."


In case you didn't get the logic presented there, let me spell it out for you: Koen looks like my dad, and Koen looks like me, so therefore, it might be said that I look like my dad. Well, for those of you whose last name is not Letoto, you might say that. For those of you who come from my family, you not only do say that, but you'd probably laugh at my plight. Yes, I look like my father, and yes, it's inescapable. I also happen to act a lot like my father, dress like my father, eat like my father, gesticulate like my father, and generally resemble him in way too many ways to deny.

Son of a...

posted by Bolo | 2:04 AM
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