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It's no secret that I'm not at all a fan of Starbucks coffee these days. I've moved on...I can't help it. It's not just Starbucks, either; I find that in many fine coffee houses, I may enjoy the beans they procure and the roasts they produce, but my enjoyment is often limited by the simple fact that a drip-brewing process does not give forth the full flavor and body present in a high-quality, well-roasted bean. Thus, I will gladly spurn a conventional drip-brewed cup and ask for a cup of coffee brewed in a French Press.

Many of my friends know this. In fact, my disdain for Starbucks has become somewhat infamous on and off campus. Last Friday evening, I found myself on my way to Rev's place after dinner with the usual suspects. Before getting to the pad, we decided to stop over at Starbucks to visit some friends. Being that I was the first one in, I was greeted with quite the rousing round of, "John Letoto, what are you doing here?" and variations thereof. The same thing happened last night. I made my way over there to replace the French Press that broke yesterday. Roughly the same set of greetings ensued, but I was in a beeline for the equipment. A conversation with the baristas ensued, all of which was quite pleasant.

Strange as this is, I've found that many Starbucks baristas (particularly the managers) have an appreciation for a customer who knows precisely what he or she wants, even to the point where that customer will respectfully but openly decline, with precise reasoning, any of their coffee offerings. While I did walk out of there with a French Press, I did so having made a few new friends, shocked a few old ones, and sipping not a bit of Starbucks coffee.

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