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The overnight low was somewhere in the 50's, but it's supposed to be up just past 80something today...and it's October. Saturday's loss hurt...I mean, believe it or not, we were actually in the game, close to upsetting fourth-ranked Boston College. Team Off White also lost again, but with a lineup short on players, many of them our best players, I'm not complaining too much. Ben just declared of the mold growing in the liquid in his cup, "It's growing up from my desk mascot to my desk guardian." Lyle is Fizzgig. After confirming that I didn't have a suit missing from my closet, the first thing I noticed was that S.D. O'Neal wore cuff links while preaching yesterday. I can't believe that I just said, "fourth-ranked Boston College." I was only mildly covetous while holding Coobs' new toy, his 30D. Volleyball tomorrow night should be good. Watching cats kill flies is much better than watching flies land on your food. Dave Shuey is the man. As much as I can't stand Hollywood cat fights, I wish the New Line vs. Peter Jackson tiff would just get resolved already. I feel like Fall isn't really here, but for some reason, I don't think Winter will be slow in going away, either.

posted by Bolo | 9:15 AM
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