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I witnessed insanity when the BoSox finally won it all, but I can only imagine what would happen if the Cubbies do. Aaahh, what's another century, right? I'm hungry, and peanut butter ain't gonna satisfy. JVizzle has a Facebook profile; piggies are flying. Her roommate's reaction to the fact that I was JVizzle's second friend, right behind her sister, was a profound and pouty, "Mmmph." Had a strange dream last night, one where someone had posted a post to me on my blog. I'd say I set like a girl last night, but I know what type of player MHS churned out. Cimato, just be glad that I share my thoughts with the world, not yours. Eight hours of sleep a night is overrated, and six is pushing it. One of these days, we're gonna take a trip down to Hair of the Dog Pub down in Chattanooga, order a burger, and tell the guy behind the bar, "Yooooouuuuuuurrrr moooooommmm." Ben is bugging me to go make coffee. The pain of 0 - 7 would be wiped out with an incredibly improssible move to 1 - 7. Haven't talked to 'Drew in forever. Yes, I just said "improssible." It's October, folks, October. Good grief, where does the time go? Buzz-buzz-brew time.

posted by Bolo | 8:36 AM
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