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Matrix moment for the morning: Standing five feet away from Ben, I dodged a rolled-up sock the big guy threw with a backhanded flick aimed perfectly at my head, right in the middle of conversation. Arby's ought to differentiate between their apple turnover and their cherry turnover by using different colored icing. Just a thought. Today finally feels like Fall...*brrr*. There's no way that 36 single-spaced pages is a healthy thing, especially when you try to drive through the carpal tunnel. My niece is cuter than your niece, no contest. Sidamo in the morning is like ambrosia to the coffee craver's soul. This whole SEO thing is a lot like dating, methinks. I've realized that photographing things has a lot to do with how I'm seeing life...or if I'm seeing life at all...more on this later. Yes, Daddy Rev, this past weekend was a disappointment for me, too. That 3 - 4 D is looking like it's coming in nicely. I'm in the market for another fragrance. Ok, I admit it, the carpal tunnel joke was with it. Capilene base layers are wonderful things. I bet you're slightly disturbed as to just how I think dating is like SEO. We won two out of three last night, and I took some decent swings...from the middle! Would've been sweet if it had come out through her nose. Sorry 'bout those cold sores, kiddo. Lunch needed, soon.

posted by Bolo | 11:10 AM
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