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Reformation Day Reflections

I really want to see Dr. Brand doing a little song and dance. Some overzealous and ill-informed Boyce student is going to be caught stealing 95 thesis papers and nailing all of them to the door of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary's library. Good coffee doesn't really come from Germany, but beer and Reformers do. I want to see how many SBTS students will be dressing up as Luther today. I have some bread sitting on my desk, and I can't help but think, "in, with, and under." I just know there's some reformed geek, whose pregnant wife's due date is very near, who is hoping to name the child Martin(a) Luther, even though said wife is far from sold on the names. Said geek is undoubtedly cheering the child out of the womb, hoping for it to be born today. There are probably any number of SBTS students having deep, meaningful, groundbreaking discussions on why it's inappropriate for people to be dressing up their kids in costumes today. Just kidding. Kind of.

posted by Bolo | 1:47 PM
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