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Dave wrote this to me as a means of encouragement. Thanks, brother.

Who really is Christ suited for?

who is better suited for a Fortress than someone who has no strength?

who needs or loves a Physician than the really sick?

who desires a Shepherd more than those of us who are constantly getting lost?

who wants a perfect High Priest who ever lives to intercede more than the one who daily sees their need for forgiveness?

is the cross, is the gospel really for the likes of you?

who is looking more intently at the Morning Star than the one who has wandered in the darkness?

who better than those who feel the deadness and coldness of their soul can more appreciate the One who is the Ressurrection and the Life?

who stares at the Bridegroom more than the one who knows a bitter loneliness?

who is more suited to be loved by the Hope of Glory than those who are in utter despair?

is Christ for the likes of John Letoto?

who needs a Rock, a Cornerstone, more than the man who is shaken to the core?

who loves a Prince of Peace more than the restless and the weary?

yes, John Letoto - the Cross is for the likes of you - in fact, nothing in the universe is more fitting, more suited, more perfect for your salvation, your life and your soul, than the Lamb of God.

you were created and sustained and pursued and regenerated and purchased and brought near and loved and perfected and justified and set apart - to know this truth - that Jesus Christ came as a man, suffered, died and rose again not just for the likes of you - but for you... John Letoto.

posted by Bolo | 3:53 PM
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