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Way, Way Off

Katie Vaughn, huge 'Bama fan that she is, was quite helpful. When she commended me for reading Sibbes' The Bruised Reed, I told her that it may be helpful in dealing with the pain of being 0 - 3.

The Irish have yet to win a game, much less score an offensive touchdown, and they still, I believe, have given up more sacks than they've garnered yards rushing, but I still hold to the same state of non-panic. Why? I have no other option. Either Charlie Weis is the answer or he's not. If he is, then there are a bunch of things that have contributed to this season's demise, and not all of them are things that are his fault. If he's not, then the next coach is going to inherit a very, very talented team next year.

By the way: no sane administration at ND would even consider a coaching change at this point. That's preposterous. Those calling for Charlie's head due to the poor start are just plain ignorant of the direction he's had the program headed in while operating in less than ideal circumstances.

posted by Bolo | 7:54 PM
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