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A one-hour nap turned into a two-hour nap last night, which meant that I woke up just in time to see that my league volleyball match at OVVC had just started. Ben had a really guilty look on his face this morning when I walked in and saw him using my French press and water kettle to make just enough coffee for...himself. It's probably a bad sign when a friend hears someone mention 1997 and she thinks to herself, "Hey, I was in the seventh grade in 1997," then immediately follows that up with, "and John Letoto graduated in 1997." Ouch. Still doing the three-mug dance on my desk this morning. I'm hungry. The itch to shoot things has become greater, but the time I have to do so seems to have lessened. Katie Vaughn gave me high praise when she said that the SEC could always use a fan like me. Thanks, Miss Vaughn, but I'll be stickin' with the Irish. Team Off White plays the goblins in green this Saturday, and we could definitely use all the cheering we can get, as we'll quite possibly get our rear ends handed to us on a platter...a plastic one at that. They're good, we're not so good, and that's the story.

posted by Bolo | 9:03 AM
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